Enhancing Operational Efficiency with Neles™ ValvGuard™ VG9000 and NDX™ Valve Controller: Training Insights by Sicom Engineering


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Sicom Engineering and Services Pte Ltd recently hosted an enlightening training session on Valmet products, spotlighting the intelligent safety solenoid Neles™ ValvGuard™ VG9000 and the Neles NDX™ valve controller. This session was part of our ongoing efforts to acquaint our customers with advanced technological solutions that can revolutionize their operational efficiency.

Deep Dive into ValvGuard’s Capabilities

During the training, special focus was given to the ValvGuard presentation, where attendees were introduced to the robust capabilities and functionalities of ValvGuard, particularly its Partial Stroke Testing (PST) feature. This session provided valuable insights into how PST can significantly enhance operational efficiency in various industrial settings.

The Standout Feature of ValvGuard’s PST

One of the key highlights of ValvGuard’s PST is its ability to test valve functionality without necessitating a full operational cycle. This unique feature ensures that the valves remain in a ready-to-operate condition, thereby avoiding any disruptions to ongoing processes. This aspect of ValvGuard’s PST represents a significant advancement in maintaining operational readiness and reliability, while minimizing downtime.

Tailored Demonstrations to Meet Your Needs

Understanding the diverse requirements of our clients, we offer personalized demonstrations of the Neles™ ValvGuard and NDX valve controller. If you are interested in exploring how these intelligent solutions can be integrated into your operations for optimal performance, our team at Sicom Engineering is ready to assist. We are committed to ensuring that you fully understand and leverage the potential of these advanced valve control systems.


Feel free to reach out for a customized demonstration or any queries at: sales@sicomengineering.com.sg. Our experts are on standby, eager to help you unlock the full capabilities of these innovative Valmet products, and guide you towards achieving enhanced operational efficiency.